Brand Concept



Space is the carrier of life. To feel the fun of life, space should have elements that hold rich, high-quality experience.

The Italian is one of the people who enjoy life most, and there are many places to be explored in their lifestyle—aesthetically pleasing ceramics, mellow coffee, savory wines, pleasing aromatherapy, etc., which are very common in Italy, or can be said to be the indispensable Italian cultural symbols. Therefore, we are innovative with the integration of the Italian way of life into space and extracting the core value concept: HOME PLUS.

HOME PLUS is a concept of space experience, and also the practice of the value-upgrading space experience. After the exploration trip to Italy, we are deeply convinced that whether it is a demand on the rational level or on the emotional level, a living space is not equal to a quality home (HOUSE ≠ HOME). On this basis, we propose three major elements of Italian lifestyle experience center: "DESIGN" "TASTE" and "REAL LIFE", which can more predictively capture the physical and psychological needs of consumers.


Interaction between product and space design is particularly important. From the overall space structure, the development of ceramics, to the custom-made bottles and the selection of aromatherapy, NANOGRESS highlights in all aspects the design philosophy of converging with the international trend, as well as a unique aesthetic perception.


Outstanding taste comes from excellent quality, that is to say, we are not only focusing on intimate and comfortable design, but also on choosing the high-quality home products. Each bag of coffee beans from the Italian baker and every bottle of Italian wine are all particularly selected by the professional team. Needless to say, those products sell themselves with their outstanding quality.


Only by restoring a real sense of life can a home be where the users keep their mind and body. Along with ingenious space design and carefully selected home products, NANOGRESS Home Plus shapes from all-round feeling including visual, taste, smell, hearing, and touch sense, to create intimate and comfortable experience that makes the users feel like being home.