Nanogress Porcellanato has always been the successor to the spirit of Italian craftsmanship, but also the practitioner in depth of original design.

Nanogress Group integrates the cutting-edge advantages in R&D and design in Italy and China, and establishes a dedicated R&D and design team to focus on the original design and process of high-end ceramics. It is devoted to collecting original materials natively and integrating local humanities history into product R&D and design.


Holding various veins and natural colors, N-Star Marmo was inspired by Italy marbles, rocks and cements. Reproduce the different forms of natural growth of the universe in the history.First choice for star-class homes and commercial spaces.


As the Group's flagship high-end products, the Italy Rock includes seven series - DISENGAGED, CLOUD, HORN, EARTH COLORS, SANDY BEACH, FLAVOR and PARTNER, which are inspired by rocks in seven Italian village towns.


The trend shines for a moment, while the classic, will always be a classic. SP-55° soft polishing process makes products soft as newborn baby's skin, with mild color and swaying texture. It is way more than marble.


Wood has its own color, but by brushing colorants, it will change into many kinds. The same variety of wood may not share the same color. For example, after processing, the oak might be white, yellow, and even more colors. Therefore, we made a bold choice - breaking the boundaries of variety to show a richer color.

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With the porcelain and ceramic tiles as the core, Nanogress Group integrates the Italian wine, coffee, aromatherapy and original design into an Italian craftsman community, to create an Italian lifestyle experience center of "comfortability, modernity and humanity", and it devotes itself to bringing quality Italian products and lifestyle to China and the world at large.


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