Group Profile



NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO, founded in Milan, Italy, and registered as Nanogress Procellanato Co., Ltd. (Italy), is an international group that integrates the production and sale of porcelain and ceramic tiles to provide quality living inspiration. At the same time, it is also registered in China, whose full name is Foshan Nanogress Porcellanato Co., Ltd., headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong Province.

Nanogress Group obtained brand trademark certification in a total of more than 100 countries worldwide, such as Italy and the United States. More than 80 product quality testing and certificates of recognition such as Singapore GREEN LABEL and over 10 product design patents were also pocketed in Nanogress Group. With professional and complete R&D design, Production and sales service team and the rigorous, innovative spirit of the Italian craftsmanship, Nanogress takes the leading position in the international trend.

As a leading brand in the field of high-end porcelain and ceramic tiles which promotes quality lifestyle, Nanogress Group enjoys the praise in the international market. With the porcelain and ceramic tiles as the core, Nanogress Group integrates the Italian wine, coffee, aromatherapy and original design into an Italian craftsman community, to create an Italian lifestyle experience center of "comfortability, modernity and humanity", and it devotes itself to bringing quality Italian products and lifestyle to China and the world at large.

Our History


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO was formally established. With excellent product quality, it cut a figure in the international market.


With a keen sense of marketing and forward-looking vision, Nanogress was the first to introduce 3D inkjet printing technology, and it was involved in the formulation of the 3D printing standards in the international porcelain and ceramic tiles industry, laying base for the scale production of themodern rustic tilesandthe ink-jet marble porcelain.


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO has participated in the BOLOGNA FIERE exhibition in Italy, POLAND FAIR in Poland, IRAN FAIR in Ireland, MEXICO FAIR in Mexico and FEICON in Brazil.The company has already obtained the market access to some high-end commercial projects such as starred hotels of the European Union, the United States, the Republic of Korea, Russia and other countries and regions.


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO has participated in architectural decoration design exhibitions in Italy, the United States, Brazil, Russia and Dubai. The products have been successfully stationed as suitable materials of the public buildings projects in the United States, South Korea and Southeast Asia.


After a mature internationalized market operation, NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO established good reputation in many cooperative countries and regions. In addition, it has set up brand showrooms in more than 10 countries including Poland, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela. Its main products are sold to more than 120 countries in the world.


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO expanded its Italian design and development team, and set up tile raw material research and development base in Milan and Modena to make technological breakthroughs in R&D and production.


In 2014, with the devotedly produced ITALY ROCK, NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO won the China Italy Ceramic Design Award, and successfully applied for product invention patent. In the same year, NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO won the brand certification issued by the Milan municipal government.


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO, with the ITALY ROCK, officially launched the Chinese market projects and formed the Italian original life team to operate the lifestyle brand “ Il Molto Giorno”.


NANOGRESS PORCELLANATO established Home Plus in Foshan Creative Industry Park in China to bring Italian lifestyle and quality of life, integrated "REAL LIFE" "DESIGN" and "TASTE" into different levels of space, and advanced experiential management mode to a new height.


The Group, along with NANOGRESS and Il Molto Giorno, started the PROJECT GLOBAL SHOW, which rolled out the Italian lifestyle experience in Italy, Australia, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Owing to its great brand appeal, during the CERSAIE International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings in Bologna, Italy, the Group invited designers and partners around the world to Bologna, Italy to participate in the NANOGRESS brand launching event and to explore Italy's humanity, design and life on the ground. Unique brand concept and strong brand strength give NANOGRESS far-reaching impact on the world.