Corporate HQ



As a terminal of the quality Italian life experience, the experience center is set with multiplied functions like R& D design rooms, wine clubs, casual coffee bars and Italian restaurants. The Group focus on NANOGRESS’s products a and take HOMEPLUS as its core brand management philosophy. It strictly selects elements that represent Italian high-quality life elements, providing the consumers with pursuit for high quality of life with professional and caring service.

Looking for a better way of life, NANOGRESS team went deep into Italy, from north to south, traveled 20 cities including Napoli, Milan, Modena, Sicily, and more than 120 famous Italian wineries, coffee factories, and aromatherapy base, only to find the most suitable Italian products.

In Italy, we found that the free spirit of the Italians and their deep-rooted pursuit of quality can be reflected in their daily life, and we can find it whether in a coffee shop on the street or an upscale Michelin restaurant. We hope to bring this Italian lifestyle to the world, beginning with ceramics, and constantly upgrade our lifestyle.

The HOME PLUS experience center of the headquarter in China is located in Foshan Creative Utopia, which is renovated from old buildings of 5,000 square meters. As one of the experimental bases for NANOGRESS, it combines organic functions such as coffee, wine, material selection, aromatherapy, cigar, food and beverage, conference, multimedia, design room, gymnasium, greenhouse, art exhibition and office to form a compound lifestyle experience space, continuing to expand the possibility of space creation.


In NANOGRESS Home Plus, the space is no longer a pile of building materials and daily necessities, but a hall decorated with Italian products with space design which for sure adds great taste to the creation, so that consumers even far from Italy, the fashion capital, can still feel the most real Italian experience and way of life.


Italy does not grow coffee trees, but Italian coffee with its unique charm swept the world. This is a country with hundreds of years of coffee drinking history and coffee culture is an integral part of the Italian way of life.

NANOGRESS Italian coffee project team, after a comprehensive review of a large number of brand coffee beans in the market, and a visit to Italian coffee roasting factories, selected from hundreds of coffee suppliers the senior Italian roaster ROBERTO VERONESI to work together to create VERONESI Coffee bean brand. Besides strict selection coffee beans, our combined traditional techniques and modern technology of baking enable our coffee beans to have both 100% original Italian flavor and a unique mellow taste.

NANOGRESS not only provides high quality 100% Italian coffee beans, but also focuses on bringing coffee taste to living space and life. In addition, NANOGRESS sets up a professional coffee tasting training system, which is rooted in the terminal for coffee culture, adding humanity and warmth to the space.


As we all know, Italian wines are rich in variety and style, which have the greatest diversity and complexity in the world. Because the brewing culture of Italian wines is based on the unity of man and nature, it gives the best interpretation of local characteristics. Meanwhile, with different customs, wineries and winemakers insist on their own understanding of nature. This idea which is similar to the "Tao follows nature" in traditional Chinese philosophical thinking is the cornerstone of consumers' understanding of wine.

Unlike the French wine, Italy will not rank the winery from the government to the producing areas, which may be unfamiliar to consumers, but this is the best practice to pursuit fairness and quality, and to avoid the emerging of interest groups and excessive marketing.

For consumers, the current Italian wine in the domestic market remains unveiled and mysterious, NANOGRESS’s wine project, putting the consumer first, is committed to solving the pain spot of the market, by providing quality and highly distinctive Italian wine tasting-in experience, as well as a socialized personal experience timeline.


Aromatherapy is one of the elements representing refined lifestyle. People construct the perception of the world through vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. However, the present space creation focuses more on satisfying the visual, tactile and auditory experience of space and neglects the influence of smell on the experience of space.

The NANOGRESS Indoor Aromatherapy Program aims to create a better space experience and explore the application of aromatherapy in living space, offices, commercial areas and public space from the perspective of functions including aesthetics, health, pleasure, brand awareness. To this end, Il Molto Giorno is an indoor aromatherapy product that we co-produced with the Italian aromatherapy manufacturer ITALSCENT, which is 100% imported with original Italian packaging to meet the demand of high-quality indoor aromatherapy experience.